Deferred Gifts

We wish to acknowledge donors who have advised the Community Foundation of Ottawa that they are planning to leave a future gift through their estates.


Gifts in a will are the most common way that individuals provide for a future gift to the Community Foundation of Ottawa. The Foundation works with many lawyers and notaries to ensure that the wording used in the will is appropriate to carry out the donor’s wishes.


The gift of a life insurance policy can be a convenient way to make a substantial charitable gift for a relatively modest annual cost. Donors can use a paid-up policy they no longer need, or purchase a new policy. Donors may assign ownership of the policy to the Community Foundation of Ottawa for tax savings today, or simply change the policy’s beneficiary to defer this benefit to their estate.


An individual can donate all or a portion of an RRSP or RRIF during their lifetime with no tax consequences. The Foundation may also be made a beneficiary of the RRSP or RRIF, which the Foundation will receive upon an individual’s death.

Deferred gifts established in 2012 are listed in bold.

Gunther and Inge Abrahamson Fund
Bhawani Anantaraman Memorial Foundation Fund
Laura and Harris Arbique Memorial Fund
Arieska Fund
John A. Arnold Fund
Baldwin Fund
Mary and Leslie Barnes Family Fund
Jagtar and Manjit Basi Family Fund
Helen and William Blampied Fund
Brian Bockstael Fund
Carolyn Bohm Fund
Clive and Charlotte Booth Fund
Sybil Anne Brake Fund
Sara Camblin Breault and Guy Breault Fund
Sandra H.K. Budd Fund
Karen and Douglas Cameron Fund
Rick & Bev Chataway Foundation
Ruth M. and G. Vincent Clark Family Fund
William and Dianne Clipsham Fund
Cleo Conway Fund
Paul E. K. and Suzanne Cornforth Fund
Iris Craig Fund
Norman Dahl - George Wilkes Fund
Barbara and Everett Danby Fund
Marion Dewar Scholarship Fund
Ann Diamond Fund
Peter and Morleen Doherty Fund
Judith M. Dowler Fund
J. Andrew Doyle Fund For Children With Physical Disabilities
Donna and Gary DuBreuil Wildlife Fund
Jeff and Leah Eustace Family Fund
E. Richard Fisher Fund
Forbes Family Memorial Fund
Foster Fund
Audrey Galbraith Memorial Fund for Charitable Causes
Gamble St. Pierre Fund
Elaine Garfinkel's Fund for Children
John and Sylvia Gill Fund
Catherine W. Graham Fund
Mayo Graham Fund
Elinor Green and Joel Hunter Fund
Shirley Greenberg Family Fund
Lucy Grossmann-Hensel Fund
Ken Guarisco Fund
Jim and Jane Hamilton Fund
Wayne and Donna Harper Animal Welfare Fund
Doug Harvey-Smith Fund
Marilyn Hart Fund
Gordon and Joan Henderson Family Fund
Peter Allan Holmes Fund
Honour Fund
Rex J. Hussey Fund
Hynna Family Fund
Inuit Art Foundation Endowment Fund
Douglas C. Johnston, Elizabeth Donlan Family Fund
Norma P. Johnston Fund
Mary and Danford Kelley Fund
William T. Kennedy Fund
Linda Maureen Kirk Fund
Valerie Knowles Animal Welfare Fund
Tom Lawson and Sheila Casey Fund
Lewis Compassion Fund
Angie MacDonald and Brettel Dawson Fund
Maple Leaf Fund
Lighten Up For Good Fund
Fondation Massawippi Foundation Fund
Catherine Estelle Mason Fund
Roy and Rosemary Matthews Fund
Robert and Ann Matyas Fund
McCay Family Fund
James Michael McCormack Fund
Dr. Rebecca McDermot Fund
Barbara and Glenn McInnes Family Fund
Dr. Marianna McVey Fund for Graduate Study and Research
James A. Millar Family Fund
Alistair and Toni Miller Fund
Mitanni's Rainbow Bridge Fund
Maureen and Henry Molot Fund
Margaret and Cecil Morrison Memorial Fund
Reg and Nancy Naish Fund
Nation-Turner Fund
Newcombe Memorial Fund
Michael J. and Heide B. Nichol Family Fund
Eleanor Nickerson Fund
Jim Nininger / Marsha Skuce Fund
Teresa O'Donovan Fund
Nicole Ool Memorial Fund
Lynne Moodie Owen Fund
Karen Lisa Oxorn Music Education Fund
Jean Guy Par‚ and Nicole Demers Fund
Jo Ann Parton Fund
Judy Patterson Fund
Phoenix Fund
Roberta and Sidney Pollock Fund
Marjorie A. Purvis Fund
G. Edward and Mary-Anne Reed Fund
George Rejhon Fund
Relief of Hunger and Poverty Fund
Bob and Catherine Richer Fund
Elspeth and Chris Ross Fund
Fonds Richard Roulx & Michel Lavigne/Richard Roulx & Michel Lavigne Fund
Elizabeth Ruddick Fund
St. Louis Family Fund
Jean-Claude and Elsa St. Pierre Fund
Kris Sarin Scholarship Fund
Helen Scafe Fund
David Mahood Scott Fund
John M. Scott Fund
Andrew Frank Serbin Foundation
Doris M. Smith Fund
Anne and Raymond Snipper Fund
Colleen Snipper Memorial Fund
Magdi G. Soliman Fund
Somers Family Fund
Ralph and Betty Sparham Fund
Ann and Peter Speak Fund
Jeanne Stark-Slyfield Fund
Stead Family Advised Fund
Garry and Gabriele Stearns Family Fund
Inez Sunderland Fund for Literacy in Ottawa
Sally Swenson Fund
C. Clifford Taggart Fund
Marion and Norman Takeuchi Fund
Barbara Taylor Fund
Annette and Gordon Thiessen Fund
Jean Tickner Fund
Patricia and Douglas Timms Fund
Tirconna Fund
F. Brian Toller Fund
Uhthoff Family Fund
Percy, Teresa and Jill Vaughan Family Foundation
Robert Walsh Fund
Douglas and Sheila Waugh Fund
Helen and Viola Webster Memorial Fund
Jonathan Derek Welsh Fund for Bruce House
Bruce White and Karen McDonald Fund
George and Delphine White Family Fund
R. B. Whyte Fund
James Wightman Fund
Ronald and Marlene Wilson Fund
Sandi Winter Fund
Paula Mitas Zoubek Fund

Funds managed on behalf of other organizations:

  • Brockville Community Fund
  • Fund for Athletes with Physical Disabilities
  • Stuart Peterson Fund
  • Youville Centre Managed Fund