As a flexible and secure vehicle for philanthropy, the Community Foundation of Ottawa is pleased to work with those who wish to give something of enduring value to the community. The majority of our funds are pooled into an ever-growing, permanent endowment, guaranteeing that a gift to the Community Foundation is a gift that will continue giving for many years to come.

We wish to thank all of our donors for entrusting the Community Foundation of Ottawa with the care of their funds.

The following is a list of all the funds currently held at the Community Foundation of Ottawa.
Funds established in 2012 are listed in Bold.

A: Donor Advised  CF: Community Funds  D: Designated Funds  EA: Education Awards  F: Field of Interest  O: Organizational Endowment

Several Anonymous Funds
Gunther and Inge Abrahamson FundA
Adam and Rachel FundA
Donald J. and Elfriede L. Adams FundF
Akhil FundA
Akran FoundationA
Bhawani Anantaraman Memorial Foundation FundA
Jaimie Anderson Parliamentary Internship FundA
Laura and Harris Arbique Memorial FundA
Arbour Youth Environmental FundA
Arieska FundF
Elisabeth Arnold Plant Pool FundA
John A. Arnold FundD
Suddy and Barbara Ashfield FundD
Ernest W. Assaly Family FundA
Auerbach Family FundA
Babes For Breasts FundA
Baldwin FundF
Herbert and Evelyn Balls FundD
Andrea Banta Memorial FundF
Mary and Leslie Barnes Family FundA
Nick Battersby Memorial FundEA
Baxter Family FundA
Mary and Donald Baxter FundA
Beament FundCF
Nancy Bean Memorial FundA
Beattie FundCF
Colin and Jane Beaumont FundA
Henry and Amanda Beauregard FundA
Beirne Reinecke Community FundA
Bell Homestead Trust FundD
Benidickson Family FundCF
G.C. and Barbara Benson Family FundA
Bereaved Families FundO
Mary Berthe FundD
Fonds Berthe - Lilian Fund For Mental Health with special interest in Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderA
Martin Bergmann Arctic Medal FundA
Beth Bertram FundCF
Beyrouti Family FoundationA
Father Fran‡ois Beyrouti ScholarshipA
Bezanson / Van Sertima Development FundA
Bhargava Family FoundationA
Black Canadian Scholarship Fund includingEA
Dr. Lorris Elliot Memorial Fund
Charles Frazier Scholarship Fund
Helen and William Blampied FundD
Cynthia & Yves Bled Canadian Future Achievers FundA
Klara Boadway Memorial FundA
Brian Bockstael FundCF
Carolyn Bohm FundF
King Boloko Memorial FoundationA
Clive and Charlotte Booth FundF
Gerald and Ann Bouey Family FundCF
Ian and Heather Bourne Family FundA
Bradley and Widyaratne Family FundA
J. Michael Braid Fund for CancerA
Sybil Anne Brake FundD
Dr. Shirley Brathwaite FoundationA
Sara Camblin Breault and Guy Breault FundF
Margaret A. Broad FundF
Brodhead FundA
Jacqueline Brougham Memorial FundA
Edward J. Brower FundF
Dwight and Karen Brown Family FundA
Jackie Bruneau FundA
Brunette Family FundA
Mary Bryant FundA
Sandra H.K. Budd FundD
Rabbi Reuven Bulka FundA
John Bull Family FundA
Ned and Hazel Burgess FundCF
June Burland FundA
CBC Music in Schools FundA
CS Co-Op Community FundA
P. and M. Cahill FundD
Calcerano Family FoundationA
Barbara Caldwell FundA
Elinore and Vince Calzonetti FundF
Karen and Douglas Cameron FundD
Canada Trust FundCF
Canada-U.S. Fulbright Scholarship FundEA
Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind Fund includingO
Patricia R. MacLaren Fund
Endowment Fund for the Care and Maintenance of the Canadian Tribute to Human RightsO
Canterbury Stars Return FundO
Canyon FoundationA
Capital Style Magazine Angel FoundationA
Carleton University Students' Charity Ball FundA
Bob Carroll Memorial Scholarship FundD
Causeway Foundation FundO
Chamberlain Family FundA
Albert and Katherine Chan Ministry FundA
Chance FundA
Rick & Bev Chataway FoundationF
Churchill FundCF
Cistel FoundationA
Citizen Advocacy Endowment FundO
Barbara Clark FundA
Peter and Pat Clark Family FundCF
Ruth M. and G. Vincent Clark Family FundD
Kay Clarke FundA
Neta F. Clarke FundCF
William and Dianne Clipsham FundD
Sylvain Cloutier Memorial Fund for LiteracyF
Andy Cohen Memorial FundA
Community Arts FundF
Community Foundation of Ottawa Fund includingD
Herbert Ryan Balls Founder's Fund
Jim and Jane Hamilton Fund
John L. Kelly Fund
Norman Lea Fund
Maureen and Henry Molot Fund
Community FundCF
Joyce Conger Fund for the ArtsF
David Conn Memorial FundA
Cleo Conway FundF
George Joseph Cooper FundEA
Corel Endowment Fund for the ArtsO
Paul E. K. and Suzanne Cornforth FundD
Coughlin & Associates Ltd.CF
Council on Aging Endowment FundO
Iris Craig FundCF
Ann F. Crain FundD
Audrey Darlington Crone FundA
Shirley E. Cross FundA
John Crow FundCF
Hayg Cuhaci Memorial FundA
Shirley Cummings FundD
Leo and Pat Curtin FundA
Norman Dahl - George Wilkes FundA
Barbara and Everett Danby FundD
Dominic D'Arcy Talent Development FundA
Dr. Marilyn Daryawish Education FundA
E. Ruth Davidson FundA
Betty Davison FundD
Douglas de Pencier Charitable FundD
DeWolf Family FundCF
Adelle and Paul Deacon Acacia FundA
Bill and Margaret Dean Perpetual Motion Money FundA
Janette Fleming Dean Memorial FundEA
Kathleen G. and Kenneth H. Dean Family FundA
Jerry Dermer Memorial Award in Engineering FundD
Paul Desjardins Memorial FundA
Marion Dewar Scholarship FundEA
Lauren Di Ianni Memorial FundEA
Ann Diamond FundA
John and Jean Doherty Fund for SchizophreniaF
Peter and Morleen Doherty FundA
Marguerite Ruth Dow Memorial FundO
Judith M. Dowler FundCF
Dowler/Kellam FundD
J. Andrew Doyle Fund For Children With Physical DisabilitiesA
Donna and Gary DuBreuil Wildlife FundD
Alma Duncan FundEA
Margaret and Barbara Dunnet FoundationD
James Eades Memorial FundA
Helen and Arnold Earl FundA FundsA
Education Foundation of Ottawa Fund includingO
A. Y. Jackson Secondary School Fund
Alice Husband Award Fund
Kelechi Onyegbula Memorial Fund (AY Jackson)
Tony Adamo Memorial Fund for Music
Adult High School Fund
Louise J. McIntosh Award Fund
Dr. Robert A. Back Trust Fund
Bell High School Fund
Craig Cameron Memorial Scholarship Fund
Brookfield High School Trust Fund
Elizabeth Jurshevski Memorial Fund
Colonel By Secondary School Award Fund
Bob and Bonnie Dagenais Memorial Fund
Designated Endowments General Awards Fund
Earl of March Secondary School Fund
Earl of March 25th Anniversary Award Fund
Five Trees Memorial Award Fund
Singhal Award Fund
Elementary School General Awards Fund
Glebe Collegiate Fund
Bob Dagenais Glebe Memorial Award Fund
Dora Helmkay Award Fund
Lyres' Club Alumni Award Fund
Caroline Murphy Award Fund
Geoff Wightman Award Fund
Craig Hadwen Memorial Scholarship Fund
John McCrae Secondary School Fund
Greg & Tom McEvoy Award Fund
Laurentian High School Fund
Marjorie Mann Award Fund
Charlotte Lemieux Memorial Fund
Lisgar Collegiate Fund
Lisgar Academic Award Fund
Argue Muir Award Fund
Marjorie Loughrey Fund
Merivale High School Fund
Jason Adam Steele Memorial Scholarship Fund
Brian Murphy Fund
Nepean High School Fund
Cathy Nevins Memorial Fund
Ottawa Technical Learning Centre Fund
Highland Park Scholarship Fund
Michael McGill Award Fund
PQR Scholarship Fund
Ridgemont High School Fund
Secondary School General Awards Fund
Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School Fund
A. Lorne Cassidy Award Fund
Students Fund Award Fund
Sir Robert Borden High School Fund
Lee Bateman Award Fund
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School Fund
South Carleton High School Fund
Bob Erwin Scholarship Fund
Susan Jane Husband Award Fund
Emily Keogh Award Fund
F. G. Ward Award Fund
Urban Aboriginal Alternate High School Program Fund
West Carleton Secondary School Fund
Michelle McMaster Award Fund
Mary Grace and Dudley Elcock Family FundCF
>Elf and the Iris FundA
Kirk Ellard Legacy FundA
Ray and Jean Elliott FundD
Elliott Family FundA
Elmwood School Endowment FundO
Elmwood School Scholarship Fund includingO
Gisele Campeau Scholarship Fund
Norma Davies Scholarship Fund
Paul Deacon Memorial Scholarship Fund
Katherine Ellis Endowment In Memory of Mabel Dunlop '29
Dr. Carol Kirby Global Citizenship Program Endowment Fund
Joan Matthews-Khan Scholarship Endowment Fund
Elmwood School Old Girls' Association Scholarship Endowment Fund
Milena Sigmund Scholarship Fund
Cairine Wilson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Harry Elton Memorial FundA
Mac Ervin FundD
Esperanza FundA
Jeff and Leah Eustace Family FundD
Family Service Canada Endowment FundO
Family Services … la famille Ottawa FundO
Dr. Margaret Farncombe Palliative Care Education FundA
Farmilo FoundationA
Norm Fenn FundEA
James Robin Findlay FundA
Fred and Gwen Finlay FundCF
O. J. Firestone Endowment FundO
O. J. Firestone Memorial FundD
E. Richard Fisher FundD
Sidney Fisher-David Brault Fund for Animal Welfare in CanadaA
Thomas G. Flanagan Award FundEA
Elizabeth A. Fleming FundA
Forbes Family Memorial FundD
Foster FundA
Foundation for the HomelessF
David Benjamin Fox Fund for Aphasia AwarenessD
Elizabeth Freeland Compassion FundA
Friends and Family FundA
Douglas Frosst and Lori Gadzala FundCF
Jim and Dorothy Fulford FundD
Fund for a New GenerationA
Funds for ChildrenF
GB FundA
Gaia FundA
Audrey Galbraith Memorial Fund for Charitable CausesF
John Galbraith FundCF
Gamble Family Funds includingCF
Alastair Gamble Memorial Fund
Margaret and Alastair Gamble Family Fund
Gamble St. Pierre FundA
Elaine Garfinkel's Fund for ChildrenF
Nancy and Carey Garrett Family FoundationA
Steven Charles Gelling Memorial FundA
Don Gerlitz FundA
Margaret A. Gerard FundD
Franco and Frances Giammaria Family FoundationA
Alan Gibbons FundCF
Corrie Gibson Memorial FundA
Jenny Gilbertson Memorial FundD
John and Sylvia Gill FundF
Harvey and Louise Glatt FundA
Glebe Centre Fund includingO
Abbotsford Seniors' Centre Fund
Sue Leconte Music Therapy Fund
McGarry Family Fund
Gowlings Fund includingCF
David Simmonds Fund
Fonds de la Famille Grace-Tremblay Family FundA
Catherine W. Graham FundCF
Lynn and John Graham Family FundA
Mayo Graham FundCF
Mayo Graham Art Acquisitions FundD
Green FundF
Green-Parizeau Family FundA
Elinor Green and Joel Hunter FundCF
Tom Green's Nuts Cancer FundF
Irving Greenberg Memorial Camp FundO
Shirley Greenberg Family FundA
Donald J. Griffin Memorial FundCF
Michael Joseph Griffin FoundationA
Grossman/Klein FundCF
Lucy Grossmann-Hensel FundA
Le Groupe Dance Lab FundO
Ken Guarisco FundF
Joan Gullen FundA
Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique Endowment FundO
Peter Gzowski Foundation for Literacy FundO
HOPE Volleyball FundEA
Lawrence (Larry) S. Hagen Memorial FundEA
E. Suzanne Halpenny FundA
Wayne and Donna Harper Animal Welfare FundA
Phyllis Harris Scholarship EndowmentO
Anthony (Tony) Harrison Memorial FundA
Howard A. and Jane B. Hart FundD
Marilyn Hart FundF
Doug Harvey-Smith FundA
Mary Haskett FundCF
Healthy Ways to Beat Cancer FundA
Ellen Elizabeth Heath FundEA
Heliotrope FundA
Devra Hendelman Memorial FundA
Gordon and Joan Henderson Family Funds including
Gordon and Joan Henderson Family FundD
Gordon F. Henderson Fund for Law StudentsEA
Gordon F. Henderson Memorial FundCF
Ian Henderson FoundationA
Henderson - Prazmowski Imagine FundA
Hill Charity FundA
Margaret E. Hill FundD
Mary Vincent Hill Memorial FundA
Edna I. Joynt Hines Memorial FundA
Diane Holmes FundA
Peter Allan Holmes FundA
Jacquelin Holzman Fund for YouthA
Honour FundF
Hopewell FundA
Hospice at May Court Fund includingO
Paul Aucoin Memorial Fund
Joy and Dick Hudson FundD
Jeff Hume Memorial FundA
Wilburt Hunter Memorial FundA
Rex J. Hussey FundCF
Hynna Family FundCF
IABC Ottawa AIPC FundA
80th Anniversary Municipal Chapter of Ottawa IODE Education AwardEA
IODE Lord Dundonald ChapterEA
IODE Lorraine Chapter FundEA
IODE Memorial Silver Cross ChapterEA
IODE Lord Dundonald Giselle Lazure Memorial FundEA
Barbara Ingram, Janet W. McCarthy, and W. J. P. Robertson Memorial ScholarshipEA
Inuit Art Foundation Endowment FundO
JACK FM FoundationA
Susan Jermyn Award FundA
Jesus' Awesome Work FundA
Erin Johansen Memorial FundD
Douglas C. Johnston, Elizabeth Donlan Family FundD
Lois M. Johnston FundCF
Norma P. Johnston FundF
Alec and Kathleen Jones FoundationEA
Maurie (Maurice) Jorre de St. Jorre Memorial FundD
Joshua FundF
Carman and Gail Joynt FundA
Emile Jurgens Family FundD
Kanata North Recreation Complex FundA
Erdelyi Karpati Memorial FundD
Stanislaw Kawczak Family FundA
Mary and Danford Kelley FundA
Kelly Family FoundationA
George & Rita Kelly Memorial FundA
Keith Kelly Award for Cultural LeadershipO
William H. and Nora Hickson Kelly FundD
William T. Kennedy FundD
James P. Kenney FundF
Laura and Jeremy Kerr Family FundA
Kildonan Education FundEA
King FoundationA
Kelvin Kirk Legacy FoundationA
Linda Maureen Kirk FundD
Diana and David Kirkwood FundA
Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Legacy FundO
Valerie Knowles Animal Welfare FundA
Krstic Cavanagh Cultural Fund for YouthA
Labarge Family FundCF
Louise Lacombe FundA
Andr‚ and Lorraine Lafrance Family FundD
Lambda Fund for ExcellenceEA
Donald H. Lander Scholarship FundEA
Donald and Dolores Langill FundF
Rose-Marie and Bernard Langill FundCF
Fonds Mgr Roger G. et Sr H‚lŠne LariviŠreD
Szent Laszlo Scholarship FundD
Laughing Lion FundA
Francine and Peter LaverdiŠre FundA
Tom Lawson and Sheila Casey FundCF
Vi & Tom Lawson FundF
Mary and John Lay FundCF
Phil LeBlanc Memorial FundA
Trudi Lecaine FundD
Fondation de la famille Philippe et Sarah Lefebvre Family FoundationA
Nancy Leigh-Smith FundA
Johanne Lepine FoundationA
Hildy and Steven Lesh Family FundA
Lewis Compassion FundF
Lighten Up For Good FundA
Lifetime Networks Ottawa Endowment FundO
Limited Brands Canada FundA
Lisgar Collegiate Alumni Fund includingO
Cosh Family Scholarship Fund
David and Joyce Loeb FundCF
Janet Lomer FundD
Fran Lowe Memorial FundA
Bryan Lumsden Scholarship FundEA
Mary Louise Lynch FundF
Angie MacDonald and Brettel Dawson FundA
Macdonald Club FundEA
David Macdonald FundA
Mary E. Macdonald FundCF
Elizabeth MacDougall FundA
Fraser MacDougall Journalism Prize FundEA
MacKenzie Fund in Support of Christian Hunger Relief MinistriesA
Julie MacLachlan Charitable FoundationA
Dr. Lorne E. MacLachlan FundF
Mary Mahoney FundCF
Myrtle Maloney FundF
Ella Wallace (Jackson) Manning FundF
Maple Leaf FundD
Marsden-Dole FundA
Ted Marshall Memorial FundA
Ian David Martin Memorial FundF
Catherine Estelle Mason FundD
Fondation Massawippi Foundation Fund includingA
C. Wayne Hall Endowment for l'association pour la protection du lac Massawippi
Lee Matasi Memorial FundA
Roy and Rosemary Matthews FundD
Robert and Ann Matyas FundA
Maxwell FundA
Grace Maynard FundCF
Erin E. McBride Memorial FundA
Leanora D. McCarney FundCF
McCay Family FundCF
James Michael McCormack FundD
J. F. (Jack) McCracken FundA
Dr. Rebecca McDermot FundCF
Korol McDonald FoundationA
McFarlane Family Fund for Alzheimer DiseaseF
McGahan Family FundA
Peter McGregor Memorial FundA
McGregor-Sinclair Ecology and Peace FundA
Barbara and Glenn McInnes Family FundCF
Audrey McLaren FundCF
Alan and Nora McLaurin FundF
Stephen E. McLoughlin Memorial FoundationA
McTeld Holdings Inc. FundA
Dr. Marianna McVey Fund for Graduate Study and ResearchEA
Jack Meadows Memorial FundEA
Andrea Mein Memorial FundD
Joyce Melville Memorial AwardEA
Mercy and Healing FundD
Michener Awards Foundation includingO
Paul Deacon Memorial Fund
William MacPherson Memorial Fund
James A. Millar Family FundCF
Alistair and Toni Miller FundF
Dr. Brian Mills Awards FundA
Minto Foundation Community FundA
Mervin Mirsky Family FundA
Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust Conservancy FundO
Mitanni's Rainbow Bridge FundD
Jean and McKillop Mooney FundD
Margaret and Cecil Morrison Memorial FundCF
Janet Mulcahy FundD
Alex Munter Charitable FoundationA
Elizabeth Murdoch FundD
Reg and Nancy Naish FundF
Nation-Turner FundA
Nelms Family FundCF
New Sun Joy Maclaren FundA
Newcombe Memorial FundCF
Trong D. Nguyen and Naomi N. Sun FoundationA
John H. Nichol Family FundEA
Michael J. and Heide B. Nichol Family FundD
Nicholas FundA
Eleanor Nickerson FundCF
Wesley and Mary Nicol Family FundA
Jim Nininger / Marsha Skuce FundA
Nolo Illegitimi Carborundum FundA
North Grenville Community Foundation Fund includingO
North Grenville Art Fund
North Grenville Family Focus Fund
Hugh and Patsy Taylor Memorial Fund
Ted and Brenda Ward Fund
Project North FundA
Jill and Cedric Nowell FundA
Bernice Oak Memorial Fund for Music EducationA
Ruth and Harold Oatway Family FundD
Danny O'Connell Memorial FundA
Charles O'Connor Memorial FundEA
Joe O'Donnell Memorial FundD
Teresa O'Donovan FundF
Thomas J. O'Keefe Memorial FundF
Mary O'Neil Art-That-Works FundD
One In A Million FundA
Ontario Endowment for Children and Youth in Recreation Fund (including the Gaston H‚on Fund)F
Nicole Ool Memorial FundD
Operation Come Home FundO
Opportunities FundF
Orl‚ans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre FundO
Elizabeth Orton and Michael Cox FundA
Ed and Ina Ostergaard Family FundA
Ottawa Art Gallery Acquisitions Endowment FundO
Ottawa Art Gallery Operating FundO
Ottawa Association for the Blind Fund includingF
Irwin Haskett Fund
Ottawa Chamber Music Society Endowment Fund includingO
Jacob Siskind Fund
Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre Foundation Endowment FundO
Ottawa Citizen Literacy FoundationA
Ottawa Humane Society FundO
Ottawa Music Club FundD
Ottawa Public Library Acquisitions in Non-Fiction FundD
Ottawa Public Library Endowment Fund includingO
Vivien Bennet Memorial Fund
Ottawa Public Library Fiction Fund
Ottawa School of Art Outreach Program Fund includingO
Frances and Benjamin Miller Fund
Ottawa Society of Optometrists' Scholarship FundA
Ottawa Sustainability FundA
Ottawa Women's Credit Union Fund for WomenA
Fran‡oise and Charles-EugŠne Ouellet Family FundD
Lynne Moodie Owen FundF
Karen Lisa Oxorn Music Education FundA
™d”n and Yvonne Panek Family FundA
Jean C. Paradis Family FundF
Jean Guy Par‚ and Nicole Demers FundD
David Mackenzie Parry Memorial FundD
Jo Ann Parton FundF
Judy Patterson FundA
Payant Family FundA
Ann Louise Pearson FundF
Svend Pedersen FundCF
Dr. Andr‚ P‚loquin Memorial FundA
Sheila Pepper FundA
Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre FoundationO
Diane Perry Scholarship FundO
Phoenix FundA
Jean Pigott Memorial Fund
Roberta and Sidney Pollock FundCF
Porter FoundationA
Len and Mary Potechin FoundationA
Prosperity Long-Term Care FundA
Proudfoot Family FundA
Puran Shanti Education FundA
Marjorie A. Purvis FundD
QUAIL Endowment FundO
Dalton and Jacquie Quig A.L.S. Memorial FundD
Brenda Quinlan FoundationA
Michael Rust-Smith Memorial Award FundD
Kim Rabot Memorial FundEA
Radio Amateurs of Canada FoundationA
Rainbow FundA
Lillian Raport Memorial Fund for the ArtsEA
Ray & Berndtson/Robertson Surrette FundCF
G. Edward and Mary-Anne Reed FundD
Peter and Pat Reid Family FundA
George Rejhon FundD
Relief of Hunger and Poverty FundD
Shannon Reynolds Memorial Endowment FundA
Bob and Catherine Richer FundD
Nora Green Rickwood Memorial Life Long Learning FundD
Derek Alan Robinson FundA
Rodney FundA
Dr. J. David and Doris Roger Family FundA
David & Susan Rose FundA
Elspeth and Chris Ross FundA
Rotary Youth Assistance FundA
Fonds Richard Roulx & Michel Lavigne/Richard Roulx & Michel Lavigne FundA
Roundell Family FundA
Mrs. Janet and T. L. Roy FundA
Ken and Debbie Rubin Public Interest Advocacy FundA
Elizabeth Ruch FundA
Elizabeth Ruddick FundF
SOS-Children's Villages Canada Education FundO
SOS-Children's Villages Canada Operating Endowment FundO
St. Andrew's FundA
St. Louis Family FundF
St. Mary's Home Endowment FundO
Jean-Claude and Elsa St. Pierre FundD
Kelly Sample FundA
Kris Sarin Scholarship FundEA
Helen Scafe FundA
Schizophrenia FoundationF
Monsignor Peter Schonenbach FundCF
David Mahood Scott FundD
Duncan Campbell Scott FundD
John M. Scott FundCF
Seaton FundD
S‚gard-Hutchison Family Fund for Animal WelfareF
Sephira FundA
Andrew Frank Serbin FoundationD
Drew Shouldice Memorial FundEA
Mary Lou Oblender Siemonsen Memorial FundD
Agnes Simpson Founders FundD
Sing Canada FundO
Sirotek Family FundCF
Warren Sirrs Award FundD
Smiley Face FundA
Dave Smith Foundation for YouthA
Doris M. Smith FundF
Anne and Raymond Snipper FundF
Colleen Snipper Memorial FundA
Social Planning Council of Ottawa FundO
Magdi G. Soliman FundA
Ruth and Hyman Soloway FundCF
Caroline and Douglas Somers Family FundA
Somers Family FundF
Ralph and Betty Sparham FundCF
Ann and Peter Speak FundA
Spry Family FoundationA
Karl and Madeline Stairs FundD
Hope FundA
Dr. Merrill Stalker FundA
Jeanne Stark-Slyfield FundF
Stead Family Advised FundA
Stead Family Unrestricted FundCF
Garry and Gabriele Stearns Family FundD
Dick Stewart Fund for PeopleA
Justin Storgaard Foundation/ Fondation Justin StorgaardA
Barbara Lesley Sudall FundF
Inez Sunderland Fund for Literacy in OttawaF
Ina Swedler FundA
Sally Swenson FundCF
Dorothy and Edwin Swimmings FundD
C. Clifford Taggart FundA
Taggart Family FundA
Marion and Norman Takeuchi FundF
Barbara Taylor FundCF
Jerry Taylor FoundationA
Teeter Family FundA
Annette and Gordon Thiessen FundA
Jean Tickner FundD
Patricia and Douglas Timms FundD
Tirconna FundA
F. Brian Toller FundF
Ross and H‚lŠne Tolmie Family FundCF
Eleanor (Ellie) and Clarke Topp FundA
Margaret and Kenneth Torrance Family FundA
Dennis Tourbin Fund for Emerging ArtistsA
Canadian Toy Testing Council FundA
Tucker House Renewal Centre FundO
Uhthoff Family FundA
Maximilian Ullyett and Fleurette Ullyett FundD
Urbandale Construction 30th Anniversary FundA
Bhayabhai and Urmila Valia Family Charitable Endowment FundA
Van Iterson Family FundCF
Van Loon Family FoundationA
Lucien and Beatrice Van Walleghem Scholarship FundEA
Machiel Van Wijk FundA
Coby Vanzyl Memorial FundF
Percy, Teresa and Jill Vaughan Family FoundationA
Eva Natividad Villanueva FoundationA
Fonds Marc et Joanne VillemaireA
Fonds Robert W. WaddellA
Lloyd Wade Family FundA
Kathryn Wake FundEA
Robert Walsh FundA
Douglas and Sheila Waugh FundA
Roger Webber-Taylor FundA
Helen and Viola Webster Memorial FundF
Agnes Wee Memorial FundA
Jonathan Derek Welsh Fund for Bruce HouseO
Westeinde Family FundCF
K. C. Whalen Memorial FundA
Bruce White and Karen McDonald FundD
George and Delphin White Family FundCF
R. B. Whyte FundA
James Wightman FundCF
Doug Williams FundA
Lloyd and Vivian Willows FundD
Bob Wills and Ron Graham Award FundA
Cairine Wilson Memorial FundF
Ronald and Marlene Wilson FundD
Scott and Mary Ellin Wilson Family FundA
Sandi Winter FundF
Melba Lent Woelfl‚ Journalism Award FundD
Women's Business Network Scholarship FundEA
World Exchange Plaza Arts Endowment FundA
Youville Centre Endowment Fund includingO
Rebecca Emery Endowment Fund
Hartin House Sub-Fund for Graduation
Ruby and Robert Zimmerman Family FundD
Zonta Club of Ottawa FundO
Paula Mitas Zoubek FundD