Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee appoints individuals of integrity and ability to serve on the Community Foundation’s Board of Governors. With the Governor of the Bank of Canada as Chair, the members of this committee serve by virtue of their positions of responsibility and authority in the community.

  • Chair: Mark Carney, PhD, Governor, Bank of Canada
  • The Honourable Charles T. Hackland, Regional Senior Justice, Judicial District of Ottawa-Carleton
  • Dr. Wilbert Keon, Chair, Local Health Integration Network
  • Bruce Lazenby, President and CEO, Invest Ottawa
  • Anne-Marie Robinson, President, Public Service Commission of Canada
  • The Honourable Allan Rock, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Ottawa
  • Roseann O’Reilly Runte, President and Vice-Chancellor, Carleton University
  • His Worship Jim Watson, Mayor, City of Ottawa

Standing Committees

The Chair of the Board of Governors and CEO are ex officio members of all standing committees of the Board.

Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee ensures that the Community Foundation has the appropriate systems of internal financial control to comply with legal, ethical and regulatory requirements, as well as with policies approved by the Board.

  • Chair: L. Denis Desautels
  • Glen Ibbott
  • David Mason
  • Robin Madigan
  • David Rattray
  • Paul Sibué

Grants Committee

The Grants Committee assists the Board in developing the grantmaking strategy, establishing priorities, reviewing applications and awarding grants.

  • Chair: Dick Stewart
  • Tracey Clark
  • Usha Tamba Dhar
  • Catherine Dubois
  • Peter Honeywell
  • Judith MacBride-King
  • Patricia MacCallum-Lord
  • Danielle Massé
  • Judith Maxwell

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding investment policy and strategy, including asset allocation and performance objectives.

  • Chair: Gordon Thiessen
  • L. Denis Desautels
  • Debra Alves
  • Dan Dixon
  • Tessa Hebb
  • Brian Toller
  • Tom Valks
  • Investment Advisor: Mercer Canada Ltd.
  • Investment Counsel: BlackRock; BMO Harris Private Banking; BMO Nesbitt Burns; Doherty & Associates Ltd.; Manning & Napier

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee ensures that there is a regular review of the bylaws, governance policies and practices, and is responsible for recruitment, development and evaluation of Board members and the Board as a whole.

  • Chair: Brian Toller
  • Judith Maxwell
  • Tim Redpath

Board Alumni Committee

The Board Alumni Committee is made up of former Board members who continue to serve as ambassadors and advocates for the Community Foundation.

  • Chair: Grete (Marguerite) Hale
  • Dr. Horace Alexis
  • Manjit Basi
  • Cynthia Baxter
  • Michel Bilodeau
  • André Bussière
  • Vince Calzonetti
  • Peter Doherty
  • Allison A. Fisher
  • Nancy Graham
  • E. Suzanne Halpenny
  • Jim Hamilton
  • Donna Holtom
  • Jacquelin Holzman
  • Marc Jolicoeur
  • John B. Kelly
  • Robert J. Laughton
  • Frank Ling
  • Gordon J. McCay
  • Caroline Midgley
  • Russell Mills
  • Maureen A. Molot
  • Mary Ellen Morris
  • Alex Munter
  • Wesley Nicol
  • James R. Nininger
  • Roberta P. Pollock
  • Peter Reid
  • Ronald W. Robertson
  • Abla Sherif
  • Msgr. Peter Schonenbach
  • David Simmonds
  • Gordon Smith
  • Tony van Straubenzee
  • Joanne Villemaire

25th Anniversary Committee

  • Chair: Scott A. Wilson
  • Victoria Barham
  • Usha Tamba Dhar
  • Iona Green
  • Grete Hale
  • Paul Hindo
  • Anita James
  • Barbara McInnes
  • Bibi Patel
  • Tim Redpath
  • Brian Toller

25th Anniversary Communications Committee

  • Chair: Tim Redpath
  • Lynne Clark
  • Iona Green
  • Paul Hindo
  • Barbara McInnes
  • Ruth McKlusky
  • Caroline Midgely
  • Francis Moran

Impact Investing Committee

  • Chair: Brian Toller
  • Robin Madigan
  • Dick Stewart
  • Christopher Henderson
  • Tessa Hebb
  • Eli Fathi
  • Tracey Clark

Diversity Task Force

  • Chair: Margaret Bloodworth
  • Fahd Alhattab
  • Usha Tamba Dhar
  • Anita James
  • Barbara McInnes
  • Carl Nicholson
  • David Pepper
  • Dick Stewart
  • Brian Toller

Professional Advisors Circle

The Community Foundation relies on the donated expertise of allied professionals such as lawyers, accountants and financial planners in developing complex gifts and providing donors with maximum tax relief. They serve as a resource for and champion of local philanthropy.

  • Roy Anderson
  • Mark Arbique
  • Fred Bowie
  • John Bull
  • T. David Burns
  • Lesley Cameron
  • Kevin Charlebois
  • John Clarke
  • David Crawford
  • Pamela Cross
  • Richard Dionne
  • Seymour P. Eisenberg
  • K. Thomas Grozinger
  • Ken Guarisco
  • James Hamilton
  • Thomas A. Houston
  • Bruce Jardine
  • John Johnson
  • Scott Kendall
  • Laura Kerr
  • Laurie Lord
  • Patricia MacCallum-Lord
  • Robert MacKenzie
  • Rosemary Macklem
  • Meiz Majdoub
  • Jim McConnery
  • Anthony P. McGlynn
  • Jim McIntyre
  • Jeffrey Miller
  • Michael Mott
  • E. Jane Murray
  • Gerry Myers
  • Michael Nichol
  • Gail Nicholls
  • Lorraine O’Keefe
  • George Perrin
  • Joseph Power
  • Gary Renaud
  • Alan Riccardi
  • Bob Richer
  • P.J. Robertson
  • Mike Rowland
  • Susan St. Amand
  • Paul B. St. Louis
  • Natalie Sanna
  • Claudia Schwittay
  • Trevor Shannon
  • Dan Slattery
  • Jennifer Spallin
  • Garry Stearns
  • Ian Sterling
  • Bob Strachan
  • Ken Tammadge