Grants from the Community Foundation of Ottawa are made possible by generous donors who have contributed funds to support local projects and initiatives. Public recognition of the grant thereby provides recognition to all donors to the Foundation, thus encouraging future contributions to this vital community resource.

Logo Guidelines for Usage

Where possible, please include the following language along with the logo to acknowledge your grant:

This project was funded by (or funded in part by) a grant from the Community Foundation of Ottawa.
(Please always refer to the Foundation as “the Community Foundation of Ottawa”.)

Please respect the following guidelines when including the Community Foundation of Ottawa logo in your publicity and recognition vehicles:

  • Use the appropriate computer format and type of logo for the file or document in which it is being included (i.e. – high-resolution black-and-white logo for printing of black-and-white documents).
  • Do not alter the colour of the logo.
  • Do not distort, stretch or tilt the logo.
  • Do not change the font or resize the text in the logo or tag line.

Downloadable Logos


If your organization receives a grant from the Community Foundation of Ottawa, we appreciate public recognition wherever possible. The type of recognition you are able to provide will depend upon the nature of your project and organization, but should include some or all of the following activities:

  • Acknowledge receipt of your grant through the use of the Community Foundation of Ottawa logo on any print and audio-visual materials produced to publicize the project.
  • Place the Community Foundation of Ottawa logo with a link from your website to
  • Include news of your grant in any publications your organization produces, such as newsletters, annual reports, lists of supporters, etc.
  • Contact local media through a media release, email or personal phone call. While the Community Foundation of Ottawa will publicize grants through our own media relations activities, it is the actual projects that our grantees are working on that is of most interest to the media. That’s why direct communication from you is the most effective method for obtaining coverage of your organization and your initiatives.
  • Advise us in advance of any plans to hold a media event, create a photo opportunity, or distribute a news release to publicize your initiative and/or recognize your grant so we can be prepared to respond to inquiries or try to attend your event.
  • Put us on your distribution list to receive all copies of news releases and articles that mention the Community Foundation of Ottawa. Please email all copies to
  • Inform us about media coverage so that we too can keep track of news generated by our grantees.
  • Send us photographs that will help us tell the story of how your initiative is benefiting the community in our own publications. We will also need photo release forms signed by all subjects in the photographs.

Community Foundation of Ottawa Description

When describing the Community Foundation of Ottawa in any public information, you may use the following summary:

The Community Foundation of Ottawa is a public, non-profit organization created by and for the people of Ottawa. It connects donors who care with causes that matter and serves as a trusted resource for addressing issues and leveraging opportunities in the community. It attracts and manages a growing endowment, the invested earnings of which provide grants to charitable organizations.

The Foundation’s role is as neutral broker in support of all charitable causes that contribute to the community’s quality of life. With a growing profile, the Community Foundation of Ottawa has built an enviable reputation for astute financial management, high-quality donor services, strategic grantmaking and innovative partnerships. For more information, visit

How does it benefit your organization to publicize your grant from the Community Foundation of Ottawa?

  • You receive positive attention for the work you are doing.
  • By recognizing the Community Foundation of Ottawa and its donors, you are raising awareness of the value of giving back to the community.
  • Identifying the Community Foundation of Ottawa as a source of support lends further credibility to your efforts.
  • Other not-for-profits learn about the Foundation’s grant programs and are encouraged to contact us for support.

If you have any questions about grant recognition and publicity, please contact:
Iona Green
Manager, Marketing and Communications
613-236-1616 ext. 232